• 10011250 - STORM Κάμερα οπισθοπορείας στην πινακίδα αριθμού για VW/Seat/Skoda/Porsche

Key Features:

A rear view camera is a great way to improve your parking skills and make reversing safer. The camera image automatically comes on when you shift into reverse. Thanks to our RVC technology, the picture quality is much better compared to regular camera systems - for easier manoeuvring and greater safety.

This reversing camera range has been designed specifically for use with the vehicles on the fitment list. Its unique design means that it replaces your stock license plate light cover, integrating seamlessly with the vehicle. This camera has been designed to replicate the size and shape of the existing license plate light but with a discrete inbuilt camera.

Our Direct Fit reverse cameras are simply amazing and offer many new technologies that make manoeuvring your vehicle easier and safer.

- Fits to replace OEM plate light part number “3B5943021”.
- Replaces the plate light and retains the factory bulb.
- Exclusive aftermarket reverse camera.
- Comes with 6m video cable with trigger line & DC power.
- Built-in Reversing Guard Line. If no line displays, please cut off the white cable.
- Fits various VAG models (Please check the Fitment List & Notes as below).

We have this product listed out as being tried and fitted with variants of the vehicles listed below.
We strongly recommend you cross reference the details in the description against your vehicle to ensure
the item is suitable for your vehicle.

Compatible with the following car models:

- VW Caddy [MK3] (2003-2015)
- VW Golf Plus (2005-2013)
- VW Jetta [MK5 MK6] (2005-2018)
- VW Multivan [T5] (2003-2009)
- VW Passat [B5 B6 Variant/Wagon/Saloon] (2000-2011)
- VW Passat CC (2008-2017)
- VW Touran (2003-2016)
- VW Tiguan [MK1] (2007-2016)
- VW Touareg [MK1] (2003-2009)
- VW Transporter [T5] (2003-2009)
- Seat Altea (2004-2015)V - Seat Ibiza [MK4 6J] (2008-2017)
- Seat Leon [MK2] (2005-2012)
- Skoda Superb [MK1 MK2] (2001-2015)
- Porsche Cayenne [MK1 955 957] (2003-2009)

1. SIZE: 73mm x 23mm (60mm between screw holes), it is known to replace stock OEM number plate light part No.:
3B5943021, 3B5998026A & 3B5998026.

2. This vehicle list is a guide only. Whilst we try and make every effort to make the fitment list as accurate
as we can, we cannot cover all variants of each application. It is up to you, the customer, to ensure you double
check that the item matches the existing space on the vehicle and also that the product that the camera will
connect to will be able to connect and function with the head unit or monitor.


Installation Steps:

1. First remove the battery power supply cable from the vehicle and place the removed cable away from the electrodes
to prevent the power from being connected by accident.
2. Remove the original car license plate light cover, install the camera, adjust the camera position to achieve the
best rear viewing angle, fasten the screws to install the camera.
3. Connect the power cable of the camera to the power cable of the reversing light, then connect the video cable of
the camera to the video extension cable, connect the other end of the video extension cable to the rear view camera
input of the car stereo, and connect both the blue reverse control cables from the camera to the Reverse Control Cable
of your Car Multimedia Player and your car Reversing Light’s Red DC 12V+ separately.
4. Restore the battery power supply, start the car, put your car in reverse gear, and you can see the reversing image
on the car stereo.


- Size: 73mm x 23mm (screw holes are 60mm apart)
- Camera Cable Length: 0.54m
- Camera RCA Video Extension Cable Length: 6M
- Power Cable: 1M
- Power Requirement: 12V DC
- Working Power (DCV): 12V
- Image Sensors: 1/3" Colour Sharp CCD
- TV System: NTSC / PAL
- Resolution : 600 TV Line
- Viewing Angle: 150°
- Low-light Level Night Vision for Night
- S/N Ratio: More than 52db
- Mininum Illumination: 0.1Lux
- Color Picture: Yes
- Reversing Guard Line: Yes
- Removable Distance Scale Line: Yes
- High Waterproof Grade: IP67/IP68
- Working temperature: -30℃~60℃
- Automatic White Balance: Yes
- AGC (Automatic Gain Control) : Yes
- BLC (Back Light Control) : Yes
- CE, FCC Certified: Yes

Parcel Content:

- 1 * Reversing Camera Integrated in Number Plate Light For VW
- 1* 1M Power Cable
- 1 * 6M RCA Video Cable
- 1 * User's Manual in English (just for reference, may vary to the actual camera)
- 2 * Install Screws

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
Λειτουργικό σύστημα Google Android 10.0
Επεξεργαστής CPU MTK6737 ARM Cortex A53 1.5GHz
Μνήμη RAM 2GB
Μνήμη ROM 32GB
Επέκταση μνήμης Υποστηρίζει εξωτερικό USB έως 128GB
Οθόνη 8.8" Multi-touch IPS screen
Wi-Fi Ναι
Bluetooth Ναι
USB θύρες 2 Θήρες πίσω
Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Όχι, χρειάζεται αντάπτορα
Χειριστήρια τιμονιού Συμβατό με τις περισσότερες λειτουργίες
Υποστηριζόμενες επεκτάσεις
Κάμερα οπισθοπορείας Ναι
Κάμερα εμπρός DVR-IN Ναι
Ψηφιακό ραδιόφωνο DAB+ Ναι
Αναγνώστης θύρας OBD Ναι
Δέκτης TV DVB-T/T2 Ναι
Modem Ναι

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10011250 - STORM Κάμερα οπισθοπορείας στην πινακίδα αριθμού για VW/Seat/Skoda/Porsche

  • Κατασκευαστής: STORM
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 10011250
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο 1-3 ημέρες
  • 30,68€

  • Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 24,74€

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